All They Want, Is To Be Accepted.

The other day I was discussing with a few friends of mine about a project my sister was doing for her fellowship. (Her project was on ‘Views of the public on sexuality and prostitution’.) Out of curiosity, I had asked their opinions on prostitutes. “I think they wear too much make up and have 0 morals”, said one and the insults kept coming in. I sat there, waiting for them to finish but yeah they took forever to finish discussing this topic and when they were done, I learnt that this set of friends are quite ignorant, but I won’t blame them. They’re having their own mid-life crisis(s) like not having the right dress for tennis what so on and so forth. It is then that I asked them, “Have you ever thought of them as…Courageous?” because honestly after a while my mind set changed about them. What with my parents being lawyers and human rights activists and helping such people out, I didn’t exactly pity them nor did I judge them. These people don’t need our pity.They’re brave enough to give up their bodies for such an awful industry, they aren’t weak and seeking our pity. They don’t need to be judged either. Or rather, shouldn’t. Ask yourselves, especially if you’re a woman– how prepared are you or brave are you to put yourselves in their shoes and deal with what they deal with. I’m guessing the obvious. All they want is to be accepted.

Now, call me a nerd for doing my little research but here’s why prostitutes exist according to 85% of the prostitutes in a few European countries(And other places):

“The main reason for prostitution in all groups is money. ‘Money is cited by 85% of the prostitutes,’ says Kofod. ‘Some have to pay for housing, food and day care for their children.’ ” (source 1, source 2)

There, now again ask yourselves, how many of us are brave enough to give up our bodies and dignity all to be judged by society, simply to make a living and provide for our loved ones because we don’t have another option? How many of us can/ are willing to put up with sexual harassment and threats or other hazards that come with the job to provide for those who are dear to us?  So think twice before judging someone for the job they do and show some respect. Also, think twice before calling someone regardless of their occupation/designation a ‘Slut’, ‘Whore’, etc. Because such slurs are used to describe courageous women and are rather deprecating.


Recent Annoyances ; An unpopular opinion on modern-day feminism.

Recently, as I was going past my dashboard on tumblr, I came across a gifset. One that has made me think a lot. It was that of a man on a television show talking about the traumatizing abuse he had gone through. At one point he said, “She had locked me up and I had to jump out a window and was hospitalized.” or something along those lines. The audience never once sympathized. They laughed instead. This, the host/MC didn’t like and he went on to say what was exactly on my mind, “If this man, was a woman going through all the abuse, no one would be laughing.”.

Feminism. A word that gets thrown into conversations ever so casually these days. Feminism isn’t about women. Feminism isn’t against men. Or at least, it isn’t supposed to be. Feminism is fighting for women in order for us to have equal rights and privileges like that of men. Feminism isn’t to prove to men that we are superior because we aren’t. Here’s the thing, sometimes, men are better than women in certain aspects. And sometimes we’re better than them. We all have our pros and cons– a common and familiar phrase? Yeah. Let’s take for example; lifting weights. Some women have better physique after extensive work outs but most of us can’t lift overly heavy objects out of the blue. Biologically speaking, we’re more petite, relatively at least. Then again, this doesn’t mean we must be all stereotypical and expect every Tom, Dick and Harry to be muscular and have the perfect physique to lift heavy things etc. Stop being stereotypical y’all.

It’s so disappointing to see people younger than me talking about feminism and criminalizing men. Yes,crime against women is growing and it’s great to see that everyone’s becoming more cautious and aware and are promoting safety for women. But men do face similar issues. Maybe the number of male victims is lesser than that of women, but they must never be laughed at, criminalized, teased etc. Because they are just as traumatized as women victims.

What we need to do is stop competing, be more accepting, not be overly sensitive and get back to fighting for equality, not superiority. This sentence was me addressing both genders.

Just Saying

A lot of us who belong to the LGBTQ community often or always come across stereotypes. Many a times these stereotypes are used as jokes.

I’m a bisexual and I grew up around a lot of people of the opposite gender. I have more guy friends than I do, girl friends. Many people have these preconceived and wrong notions on how a person becomes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual etc. Here’s how I figured out my sexual orientation.

No I wasn’t born with it. No, it isn’t a disease/ psychological disorder that needs cure or that can be cured. It all started when I was in third grade. I have an elder sister and I believe she’s a nihilist, though she doesn’t admit to it. She speaks the blatant truth. An unhealthy amount. My family had one of it’s usual gathering for when a person flies in from abroad. It was there where I first met my favorite uncle and his ‘best friend’. I was told that the man was my uncle’s best friend and I believed it and the socializing went on as usual. All was well and normal until I got home. “Hey, that guy who mum said was uncle’s ‘best friend’? Yeah, he isn’t. He’s uncle’s husband.”, as my sister finished her little truth-telling-session, I stood not shocked but still trying to process such information. “He’s gay, basically.”, she continued and finished. And from there she went on to explain sexualities to me. After the lovely session of sexuality-enlightenment, I rushed to my mother and told her of what I had heard. She sighed and smiled and from then on my whole family knew that I knew and chanted like a mantra, every time they saw me at some point, “It’s alright if you end up being different. We’re family, we’ll always be here. Besides, we don’t have a choice.”, they’d joke light heartedly. And then I grew up, reached a certain age and realized, I do in fact like women but I liked men too. From then I asserted my sexuality. In other words, my first few words in this para are true. My sexuality dawned upon me. It was a realization rather than anything else. Like some great discovery. This is basically proof that isn’t genetics and it isn’t really a choice but rather it’s a preference we can’t change much. It’s all got to do with how we’re brought up (and hormones). So good bye stereotypes! (to an extent).

P.s. Ever heard of penis envy? I think it’s a pretty cool theory. Just saying.

The Common Tradition

Yes, the title says it all. I’m starting off with as usual the self introduction. Brace yourselves, this might not be too short. You never know, I tend to ramble off into oblivion.

So now you know the basics of getting to know me. I ramble. And I could go on for ever alright. I’m an adventurous, quiet, introverted yet eccentric, loud and did I mention eccentric(?) person. I’m a girl, if you coudn’t tell. But I won’t get into personal details too much.

Now to describe my blog. I will rant, give my opinions, write emotional stories, poems, review books and whatnot just to maintain my sanity. I’m not the kind that focuses on the appearance of my blog but rather, the content.As the title of my blog and my URL suggest, I’m the kind that delivers the truth like a slap across your face. No, it’s not that I don’t care. No, I don’t think it’s cool. But I’m honest simply because I don’t know when to be honest and when not to. Also, sometimes it’s good to be told the truth because that’s one way of accepting it and moving on. It isn’t too good to live a lie after all. Although I may come off as insensitive, that is definitely not my intention so, my apologies to all those whom I’ve hurt so far.

I’m a Junior at high school. I’m a psychology student at the moment and it’s a subject apart from psychiatry that interests me and gets me excited like there’s no tomorrow.

Speaking of psychology, my personality type after taking the well reputed MBTI personality test, is INTJ.(Explains my insensitivity and lack of empathy). But I will say one thing. I do care about those close to me and I am nice to those who are nice to me. Also, I love meeting new people even though I prefer the peace and quiet, many people are awfully interesting.

I also love books. And by books I don’t mean those kinds with the cliche plots or the overly dramatic ones. I read classics. Authors like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka, Murakami and the list goes on. I do read dystopian or fantasy-themed books when I’m in a less serious mood, or as fun reading/entertainment. I also play the violin and sketch in my free time. I’m very much into the arts.

There’s so much more I could say but I guess this much is enough.