Hit By A Brick of Inspiration

Spoken word poetry– something I was exposed to in the recent past. Although I should be finishing the essays that I have been piling forever now, I was hit, no, punched, by a wave of inspiration. And so I tried my hand at this oddly interesting form of poetry.

Inspired by a quote by Paulo Coelho:

“She didn’t quite know, what the relationship was between mad people and the moon, but it must be a strong one if they used the word ‘lunatic’ to describe the mad.”

About Luna

It was when I sat beside the window,

staring at your round face.

Your round face that illuminated my side of the world.

Like a white blanket, you covered darkness

As it slipped into bed.

It was then when I realised how,

you shined so bright, you out-shined the stars.

Your rays, running off into oblivion.

It was then, when I forgot my every worry,

For you took care of me from above and made sure I slept.

I noticed your presence in every bed time story told.

You stayed there, reassuring me, giving me the will to exist.

You took care of me.

But I cannot do the same, for you’re too far away.


I basically personified the moon, giving it the name Luna.

This was honestly my first try. Hope it’s good???


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