The Girl With Two Extremes

She turned, agitated. Fear dripped,

In the form of sweat.

Her heart, palpitated so hard, so fast, every fiber of her being exploded with every beat.

People. People everywhere.

Scared? She didn’t look it.

A veil was worn, a facade, she bore. And not a single word escaped her pretty lips.

She was too quiet or too loud. There was never an in-between.

And there started her issue.

Afraid of keeping quite, for before, accusations were thrown.

Tired, she wore her frown upside down,

Took out her sword and went to war.

A war with herself, For one’s biggest enemy is one’s self.

Eventually she won, and spoke aloud without a care in the world.

She didn’t care what people thought in particular

For she either settled for everything or nothing at all.


Wrote this during art at school because I’m so tired lately. Tired of pretending to be an extrovert when I’m not. And tired especially from socializing. Basically this ‘poem’ is a rant.


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