Being A Pluviophile; Obsessed With Insanity.

Her tears trickled down her cheek,

As delicate raindrops would.

She let out loud breaths yet she was quiet,

But she was screaming on the inside.

Her screams though quiet, would be as loud and trembling,

Like thunder, if unleashed.

Her face, glossy and wet, shimmered as bright as lightning.

She sobbed until her chest was rumbling

And she broke out into maniacal laughter.

She laughed, forgetting everything

As the rain poured heavily.

People walked past, quick glances they gave her, before labling her ‘a lunatic’.

But at that point she realised,

She didn’t care anymore and enjoyed the moment.

She enjoyed the one thing that made her smile—

The rain.

“I find peace in the rain”, whispered her conscience.


It’s rainy season, and I’m back to finding my happiness because the rain does make me smile after all.



  1. onlinefriend · August 31, 2015

    High five! I loooove the rain! That poem was really cool!


    • megu0727 · August 31, 2015

      Thank you so much! It honestly means a lot ^^ and ah yes, the rain~ it brings such a blissful feeling along with it.


      • onlinefriend · August 31, 2015

        yessss. Sometimes when i cry and it rains i feel like the sky is crying with me!


      • megu0727 · August 31, 2015

        Yeah. Same, and that comforts me because at that point I don’t feel weak when I cry, nor do I feel ashamed. I just feel a tad bit more reassured and that’s good!

        Liked by 1 person

      • onlinefriend · August 31, 2015



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