The Common Tradition

Yes, the title says it all. I’m starting off with as usual the self introduction. Brace yourselves, this might not be too short. You never know, I tend to ramble off into oblivion.

So now you know the basics of getting to know me. I ramble. And I could go on for ever alright. I’m an adventurous, quiet, introverted yet eccentric, loud and did I mention eccentric(?) person. I’m a girl, if you coudn’t tell. But I won’t get into personal details too much.

Now to describe my blog. I will rant, give my opinions, write emotional stories, poems, review books and whatnot just to maintain my sanity. I’m not the kind that focuses on the appearance of my blog but rather, the content.As the title of my blog and my URL suggest, I’m the kind that delivers the truth like a slap across your face. No, it’s not that I don’t care. No, I don’t think it’s cool. But I’m honest simply because I don’t know when to be honest and when not to. Also, sometimes it’s good to be told the truth because that’s one way of accepting it and moving on. It isn’t too good to live a lie after all. Although I may come off as insensitive, that is definitely not my intention so, my apologies to all those whom I’ve hurt so far.

I’m a Junior at high school. I’m a psychology student at the moment and it’s a subject apart from psychiatry that interests me and gets me excited like there’s no tomorrow.

Speaking of psychology, my personality type after taking the well reputed MBTI personality test, is INTJ.(Explains my insensitivity and lack of empathy). But I will say one thing. I do care about those close to me and I am nice to those who are nice to me. Also, I love meeting new people even though I prefer the peace and quiet, many people are awfully interesting.

I also love books. And by books I don’t mean those kinds with the cliche plots or the overly dramatic ones. I read classics. Authors like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka, Murakami and the list goes on. I do read dystopian or fantasy-themed books when I’m in a less serious mood, or as fun reading/entertainment. I also play the violin and sketch in my free time. I’m very much into the arts.

There’s so much more I could say but I guess this much is enough.