To The Laws of Physics And The Chemistry Between Us.

You know what I love about kissing her?

When she kisses me back.

When we’re pausing to catch our breaths,

And she looks at me,

As if she were in a trance.

She looks content.


Like a snake to a tune.


I love the feeling of her lips,

Smooth as the surface of milk,

It reminds me of home.

I love that she looks at me,

Like I’m the on she wants,

Like she too has found home in me,

Even though,

I am perhaps the worst kiss she’s had.


I love how tender she is with her love.

Her kisses aren’t desperate,


Gasping as if I were the oxygen she needed.


It was more than that.

It was like she had gotten that ice cream she craved,

Every summer noon,

Satiating her need to balance the heat from the outside.

How typically like us,

Opposites attract indeed.


I love that ven though she knows,

I’m terrible at kissing,

And I’m babbling through,

Questions about if I’m doing it right.

She laughs to herself,

Asking me to shut up,

Pulling me in again.

Or that when we decide to give it a rest,

And are almost out the door,

She turns back only to let loose this sultry smile,

Pulling me in yet again,

And did I mention, kissing is not my forte?

But she didn’t complain, and did it all right.


She is the right to a wrong,

The angel to the devil,

We’re two contradictions,

In a big world of polarities,

Yet, we too mold ourselves to the laws of physics.

Opposites attract, indeed.


I am grateful to the laws of physics,

and the chemistry between us,

Pulling us,

Binding us,

millions, maybe trillions of atoms,

And hey, maybe even Biology,

For creating a relationship between us.

Surely, I can say,

From empirical research,

Opposites attract, indeed.



The Danger of A Single Story

“How old are you?”, the older woman asked.

“Ten”, said the scraggy girl.

“Ah! Little children won’t get it.”

Dear older woman,

That ten year old girl,

Works at the restaurant near your house,

Cleaning bathroom stalls,

Dealing with men objectifying her,

She’s seen more than you have,

On your vacations funded by ‘daddy.’

Is age but just a number?


“You’re lucky you’re fair,

Your skin tone’s great!”

All that aside,

She was called ‘yellow’,

For her relatively small eyes,

But she was Indian too.

Is she not human,

Her looks put aside?


“Africa this, Africa that”

Does one fail to realize that Africa,

Is a continent,

With fifty-four different countries,

The people patriotic,

But wanting to be recognized,

As something more,

Than just an African.


Dear boy who supports the queer,

Quite ironic you say so,

When ten minutes ago,

You used a homophobic slur,

And called someone gay,

For not being a stereotypical boy.

Does going against the stereotype,

And being oneself make you gay?

Perhaps if you meant ‘gay’ to be ‘happy’,

Then you’re absolutely correct.


Her dresses were baggy,

And maybe terribly long,

But did they consider,

Her having an oppressive father,

Where all she wanted to do,

Was cover the marks,

She was willing to forget.

The galaxies on her skin,

Caused by havoc and not pleasure?


‘Slut’, this one was called.

They didn’t understand that,

All those times,

She was an innocent girl,

A hopeless romantic,

Too trusting for her own good,

But was taken advantage of.

Suddenly, saying ‘no’ meant,

Trying harder and being forceful.

Suddenly, ‘No’ meant,

She was asking for it.


They saw the hijab,

A quick judgment made.

‘Terrorist’, she was labeled.

Funny how four letters,


Ruined the reputation of one religion ,

When in actuality,

The people of that very religion,

Fear and are against that very organization,

Defaming their innocent faith.



They’re nothing but a single story unexplained.




Just Saying

A lot of us who belong to the LGBTQ community often or always come across stereotypes. Many a times these stereotypes are used as jokes.

I’m a bisexual and I grew up around a lot of people of the opposite gender. I have more guy friends than I do, girl friends. Many people have these preconceived and wrong notions on how a person becomes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual etc. Here’s how I figured out my sexual orientation.

No I wasn’t born with it. No, it isn’t a disease/ psychological disorder that needs cure or that can be cured. It all started when I was in third grade. I have an elder sister and I believe she’s a nihilist, though she doesn’t admit to it. She speaks the blatant truth. An unhealthy amount. My family had one of it’s usual gathering for when a person flies in from abroad. It was there where I first met my favorite uncle and his ‘best friend’. I was told that the man was my uncle’s best friend and I believed it and the socializing went on as usual. All was well and normal until I got home. “Hey, that guy who mum said was uncle’s ‘best friend’? Yeah, he isn’t. He’s uncle’s husband.”, as my sister finished her little truth-telling-session, I stood not shocked but still trying to process such information. “He’s gay, basically.”, she continued and finished. And from there she went on to explain sexualities to me. After the lovely session of sexuality-enlightenment, I rushed to my mother and told her of what I had heard. She sighed and smiled and from then on my whole family knew that I knew and chanted like a mantra, every time they saw me at some point, “It’s alright if you end up being different. We’re family, we’ll always be here. Besides, we don’t have a choice.”, they’d joke light heartedly. And then I grew up, reached a certain age and realized, I do in fact like women but I liked men too. From then I asserted my sexuality. In other words, my first few words in this para are true. My sexuality dawned upon me. It was a realization rather than anything else. Like some great discovery. This is basically proof that isn’t genetics and it isn’t really a choice but rather it’s a preference we can’t change much. It’s all got to do with how we’re brought up (and hormones). So good bye stereotypes! (to an extent).

P.s. Ever heard of penis envy? I think it’s a pretty cool theory. Just saying.