Just Saying

A lot of us who belong to the LGBTQ community often or always come across stereotypes. Many a times these stereotypes are used as jokes.

I’m a bisexual and I grew up around a lot of people of the opposite gender. I have more guy friends than I do, girl friends. Many people have these preconceived and wrong notions on how a person becomes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual etc. Here’s how I figured out my sexual orientation.

No I wasn’t born with it. No, it isn’t a disease/ psychological disorder that needs cure or that can be cured. It all started when I was in third grade. I have an elder sister and I believe she’s a nihilist, though she doesn’t admit to it. She speaks the blatant truth. An unhealthy amount. My family had one of it’s usual gathering for when a person flies in from abroad. It was there where I first met my favorite uncle and his ‘best friend’. I was told that the man was my uncle’s best friend and I believed it and the socializing went on as usual. All was well and normal until I got home. “Hey, that guy who mum said was uncle’s ‘best friend’? Yeah, he isn’t. He’s uncle’s husband.”, as my sister finished her little truth-telling-session, I stood not shocked but still trying to process such information. “He’s gay, basically.”, she continued and finished. And from there she went on to explain sexualities to me. After the lovely session of sexuality-enlightenment, I rushed to my mother and told her of what I had heard. She sighed and smiled and from then on my whole family knew that I knew and chanted like a mantra, every time they saw me at some point, “It’s alright if you end up being different. We’re family, we’ll always be here. Besides, we don’t have a choice.”, they’d joke light heartedly. And then I grew up, reached a certain age and realized, I do in fact like women but I liked men too. From then I asserted my sexuality. In other words, my first few words in this para are true. My sexuality dawned upon me. It was a realization rather than anything else. Like some great discovery. This is basically proof that isn’t genetics and it isn’t really a choice but rather it’s a preference we can’t change much. It’s all got to do with how we’re brought up (and hormones). So good bye stereotypes! (to an extent).

P.s. Ever heard of penis envy? I think it’s a pretty cool theory. Just saying.