Anger. It coursed through her veins,

Flooding her body like poison.

Anger. A feeling so great, She felt like

The world was under her power.

Anger. He criticized her, made her feel

so powerless at the same time, for no reason.

Anger, a feeling so familiar,

It made her feel as fragile as a flower.

Anger. A feeling which long left her body.

And when she felt like everything was under control, it wasn’t.

She could never stay angry for long,

She hated herself for that.

She could never stay happy for long either

For the feeling of loneliness overpowered her.

But at the end of the day, she’d wipe away her stoic face.

She wore a mask, portraying glee instead.

And before she knew it, she’d be asleep.

Tossing and turning, as tears filled her eyes

And stained her pillow.

After all, pain was the overpowering one. Not loneliness.

Yup, a rant.


White Noise

White Noise. A sound so distinct.

It blares through the room. It embraces me

And I feel a comfortable warmth, spread through my body.

White Noise. A sound so distinct.

It erases the words, etched in my head,

“noisy”, “Annoying”, “Stupid”, “Dumb”,

And so many more I’ve forgotten.

Everything, just white noise.

White Noise. A sound so distinct.

It reminds me that the feeling of loneliness,

Lingering within me, is merely there until I hear the familiar noise

Take over my thoughts and it makes me forget that I am.

White Noise. A sound so distinct.

It reminds me, that I am nothing but static at that moment.

Inspired by my insecurities! I’m facing them and dealing with them. Hope to find happiness…~ (I’m not depressed or anything lol)

What Is Love?

What is love?

I’ve never been asked that question before.

I never really thought of it, until that night

The day of our fight.

And I was okay for I felt no pain.

I knew we loved each other with all our might.

What is love? It is one that cannot be described.

It is perhaps when his warmth enveloped mine,

When he apologized.

That warmth that left me feeling so safe,

For I hadn’t felt safe in so long.

That same warmth, reminded me, that I belonged somewhere,

And that I hadn’t lost my safe haven.

What is love?

I’m not sure,

But I know enough to say,

That it is a feeling.

A feeling that’s perhaps the best,

I’ve felt in a while.

What can I say? Train rides bring out the romantic in me.

A Familiar Scent.

She lay her head on his chest,

Their ragged breaths in sync.

She took a deep breath, inhaling his scent,

A familiar scent that calmed her nerves.

A smile so faint, graced her lips,

As she embraced the scent that enveloped her.

He smelled like cinnamon and cigarettes,

His chest was firm and moved up and down,

A sensation she found calming.

All that was heard was their labored breaths.

A lazy day was now well spent,

And at that moment she felt complete.


What can I say? The rain just makes me more romantic

Being A Pluviophile; Obsessed With Insanity.

Her tears trickled down her cheek,

As delicate raindrops would.

She let out loud breaths yet she was quiet,

But she was screaming on the inside.

Her screams though quiet, would be as loud and trembling,

Like thunder, if unleashed.

Her face, glossy and wet, shimmered as bright as lightning.

She sobbed until her chest was rumbling

And she broke out into maniacal laughter.

She laughed, forgetting everything

As the rain poured heavily.

People walked past, quick glances they gave her, before labling her ‘a lunatic’.

But at that point she realised,

She didn’t care anymore and enjoyed the moment.

She enjoyed the one thing that made her smile—

The rain.

“I find peace in the rain”, whispered her conscience.


It’s rainy season, and I’m back to finding my happiness because the rain does make me smile after all.

Thoughts That Keep Me Up at Night

I want a man with a firm chest,

Against which I can rest my head.

I want a man who’d look beyond my flaws,

My flaws that every other man considered ugly.

I want a man who’d embrace me so tight, I won’t be able to breathe,

For it is then when I’d feel like a part of him.

I want a man around whom I wouldn’t have to pretend.

A man around whom I wouldn’t have to fret.

A man who’d enjoy my quietness for often I have not much to say.

I want a man who’d understand when,

I have no words to say but nonetheless,

He’d understand me on a whole,

For I am who I am,

An awfully quiet girl where all that is loud,

is the silence that surrounds her and the noise of her crowded city.

Yet, when I find all this in a man,

My insecurities eat me as a whole meal,

As if it were a boa constrictor.

And I cower away out of shame and timidness.

Afraid to lose him,

When he wasn’t mine to begin with.


My new school got me feelin’ like…


Like the wind that blew,

You touched me and left.

But that’s okay. Change is inevitable

And persistence is a pain.

Consistency too, is not so great.

But I’m not complaining,

Nor am I disappointed, for all I wanted,

Was someone to confide in.

Someone who I know will always be there.

Someone, around whom I can be

Even when no words are exchanged.

Someone, with whom a comfortable silence settles.

Where all we need, is the knowledge.

The knowledge that we’d be there for each other.

It Isn’t Love

I stand in the middle.

They’re too tall, or I’m too small.

They cover the skies, towering.

Yet, the rays seep through their faults,

And kiss my skin.

A warm and tender kiss they lay.

I have never felt the need to touch you more.

You’re right beside me, but with the blink of an eye, you’re gone.

I miss your gentle caress,

Your encouraging pats.

Love is a strong word.

I didn’t love you,

I loved everything about you.

And not everyone understands the difference,

For they’re too tall. Or maybe I’m too small.

A New Kind of Feeling.

Tall and slender. Eyes through which,

One could see rage.

A sadist— He was called

An angel— He looked like.

A devil had never been more beautiful.

It was certain, that the ride was to be

A bumpy one.

Though quiet, adventures excited her

And not everyone knew so.

Holding their gazes,

She walked to what could be,

Either terrible or terribly beautiful.

“It was bittersweet”, she’d say after.

The end was the most bitter part, above all.


Random one. No, no failed relationship for I’ve never been in one. ( haha )

The Girl With Two Extremes

She turned, agitated. Fear dripped,

In the form of sweat.

Her heart, palpitated so hard, so fast, every fiber of her being exploded with every beat.

People. People everywhere.

Scared? She didn’t look it.

A veil was worn, a facade, she bore. And not a single word escaped her pretty lips.

She was too quiet or too loud. There was never an in-between.

And there started her issue.

Afraid of keeping quite, for before, accusations were thrown.

Tired, she wore her frown upside down,

Took out her sword and went to war.

A war with herself, For one’s biggest enemy is one’s self.

Eventually she won, and spoke aloud without a care in the world.

She didn’t care what people thought in particular

For she either settled for everything or nothing at all.


Wrote this during art at school because I’m so tired lately. Tired of pretending to be an extrovert when I’m not. And tired especially from socializing. Basically this ‘poem’ is a rant.